TileHaven 3D Room Design Service

Do you find it hard to imagine how your new design will look when complete? We understand that’s why we are offering to make that process easier for you.

We know how difficult it can be to imagine how cream tiles might look instead of the brown tiles you want to replace or to know if that creative idea you saw on Pinterest will look as well in your room as it did on the photo.

To help make the process of re-design easier for you, TileHaven are now offering a 3D design service to help you visualise how your room will look on completion.

The process is simple:

  1. We take your room measurements and design layout
  2. You choose a selection of tiles you like
  3. We create a 3D rendering of your new bathroom design.
3D Design Service Cork

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Here at Tile Haven, we understand just how stressful a renovation or a new build can be, therefore we are now offering a Free 3D Design Service because we know how difficult the decision process is. We take the hassle out of all of it, therefore, allowing you time to relax while our design team create a beautiful 3D bathroom.

Using state of the art technology we can take your room measurements and create an ultra-realistic image of how your room could look. Our cutting edge technology brings your dream bathroom to life before you decide to purchase! See more about your off-site room measuring service here!

Why not contact us today and chat with us about your upcoming project? Our Team of friendly design experts are always delighted to speak with you. Simply call, email or drop into one of our store in Little Island and we can begin the process!